The Codori Family

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Diane Swisher

L to R: Ed Strevic, Chucki Strevic, Diane Swisher, Jay "Buck" Swisher, Steve MacPherson and Yolanda MacPherson. 2017

L to R: Jay "Buck" Swisher, Diane Swisher, Charleen Thompson Group,  Yolanda MacPherson and Steve MacPherson.

 L to R:  Kelly Pelc holding Callahan Andrew Pelc, Jamie Callaman Charleen Group, Chuckie Strevig, Diane Swisher, Jay "Buck" Swisher, Josie Pelc,

Rick Pelc and Andrew Pelc

Laurence Kozakowski, Chickie Kozakowski, Charleen Group, Diane Swisher, Jay "Buck" SwisherBlanche Murphy Lenard and John Codori. 2014

L to R back row: Cindy Codori Shultz, unk, M. A. Codori, Ed Strevig, Chcuki Strevig, Diane Swisher.

Font row: Tamara Codori and Jay "Buck" Swisher.

L to R: Bill Codori, Sylvia Codori, Josie Pelc, Buck Swisher, Diane Swisher, Andrew Plec and  Kelly Pelc.


Diane going through a Christmas tree wrapping machine.


L to R: Linda Knight, Diane Swisher, Charleen Group, Shawnee Knight and Unk.


2009 Codori Christmas Dinner.

L to R: Standing Carlotta "Chucki" Strevig, Edward Strevig and Diane Swisher.

Seated Charleen Group, Jeanne Thompson and Jay "Buck" Swisher.

Seated: Leo Woerner and son of the guest speaker Keith Dabrowski.

Standing: Diane Swisher, Fannie Woerner, Jay "Buck" Swisher and guest speaker Col. John Dabrowski.


2007 Codori family dinner.

Standing L to R: Chuckie Strevig and Diane Swisher

Seated L to R: Stephen Macpherson, Mike Knapp, Robert Dalessandro and Jay "Buck" Swisher.

Standing L to R:   Stephen MacPherson, Rick Pelc and  Josie Pelc

Seated L to R: Yolanda Swisher MacPherson, Jay (Buck) Swisher, Diane Swisher and Jay Swisher Sr.


Standing L to R: Josie Pelc, Rick Pelc, Jay (Buck) Swisher.

Seated L to R: Edward Strevig, Chuckie Strevig, Jay Swisher Sr., Diane Swisher.

From the 2005 Codori family dinner.

Jay (Buck) Swisher and wife Diane at the 2004 Codori family dinner in Gettysburg, PA.