The Codori Family

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Codori Pictures Page 1

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 Codori Farm Photos New And Old.

Codori Farm Photo Gallery. 

Hottviller,  France.


Codori House at 44 York St.

Codori Relatives on Bikes.


A few pictures. If you have any group or family pictures you'd like to share with others send them my way and they'll be posted here.

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Dottie Cadore Grest Grand kids.

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From the Anthony branch of the family Children and grandchildren of Mary Morris.

L to R: Nathan, Sarah, Anna, and Jason Chan. Rob and Eva and Erin Hahn, Rob's fiancée. 


From the George Codori branch of the family.

Sept 2011 at Hilton Head:   Kehler Grandkids

Sabrina and Paige (daughters of Grant IV & Andrea Kehler)

Ethan, Andrew, Matther (back) Ziegler (Sons of Pam (Kehler) and Bill Ziegler)

Logan Kehler (Son of Tim and Val (Uptmor) Kehler Mikey Uptmor   

From the George Codori branch of the family.

Bob and Shirl Cochran with grandkids:  Standing (L-R)  Ryan, Logan, Nicole, Christian, Nicholas

 Front row:  Caroline, Bob, Shirl, Kate.

From the George Codori branch of the family.

Cochran Boys:  Bob, Jr. (Shirl & Bob's son), Ryan (Tim & Cherri's son), Christian (Danielle and Chris' son), Nicholas (Danielle & Chris' son),

   Shawn (orange shirt) (Shirl and Bob's son), Logan (David and Denise's son), Tim (St. Thomas T) (Shirl and Bob's son), Daivd (orange hat), Christopher.

From the Kotary branch of the family, the Garth and Hope Cain family.

1st row -  Austin, Alexandra, Abigail, Garth, Hope , Donna Cain

2nd row - Goeff Taylor (fiancé of Abigail) Michael, Melanie, John, Mark Cain

Aug 2011

From the Kotary branch of the family.

Mark is the son of Garth and Hope Cain shown above.

L. to R: Mark, Alexandra, Donna and Michael Cain.

Aug 2011

Codori/Cadora family at the wedding of Cheryl and Tim Cochran.

The families of Jeannie Chrismer Shop and Becky Chrismer Brown.

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Families of William A. Codori, Fredrick William Codori and Charles Sarto Codori....too many to list.

June 21st 2010.

L to  R standing: Brother of Lenita, Michael Alcorn  holding his son Jordon Michael Alcorn, James Luke Benken, Corinne Ashley Bruce, Jon Benken and Lenita Benken Mathews.

L to R front row: Amber Benken Alcorn, Jackson Robert Alcorn and Joseph Adam Benken.

October 30, 1976

Anna and Nathan Chan with baby Sarah.

Summer 2010.


The Harper family with their new addition.

L to R: Hannah, Christopher, baby Hayden and mom Jennifer.


Taylor family: Lindsay the mom, Dustin the dad, Devon the big brother and his new little sister Keira Elizabeth.


Harper family.

The 2008 McMillian Family Christmas Photo.

L to R: Ian, Michele, Gordon and Cameron.


McGinn family dinner 11/7/2008. The McGinn family are on the Anthony branch of the family.

L to R: Mike Flessner, Mary Lee Flesner, Nancy McGinn, Larry McGinn, Mark McGinn, Annette Szlachta-McGinn,

Joe Doto and Karen McGinn. 

Taylor family of Pittsburgh, PA. 5/2008

Dustin, Devon (center) and Lindsay Taylor.

Lindsay is the grand daughter of Edward Codori.

From left to right: Josiah, Chris-dad, Caleb, Sophie, Kris-Mom, Emma and Eli.

The Cordes Family of North Carolina July 2008.


The big beautiful Cadore family 4/27/2008.

All descendant of Thorndyke Codori/Cadore.

L to R: Chad Hamilton, Victoria Hamilton holding James Hamilton, Patty Hamilton, Noah Hamilton standing in front of Patty, Richard Campbell, Barbara Campbell, Katie Campbell holding Emelia Schmidt, Timothy Campbell standing behind, Jennifer Schmidt, Marty Campbell standing behind, David Schmidt with Joshua Schmidt standing in front, Jack Campbell, Dottie Campbell, Jennifer Harper, Hannah Harper, Chris Harper.

The Mark Dunn family.

L to R: Mark Dunn, Clair Dunn, Elizabeth Dunn, Katherine Dunn and Katherine's Fiancé Wally Smith.

Mark Dunn is the grandson of Thorndyke Codori/Cadore.

Four California Codoris snowed in at Mt. Lassen Calif. 1/21/2008.

Mom and dad Celyn and Greg Codori with their two boys Christopher and Aidyn Codori. 


John and Ellen Carter's family from 2005.

John and Ellen Carter.

L to R: John, Lucy and Henry. Front Center: Mary

Joe Codori Sr. Family of Pittsburgh, Pa.

L to R: Harry Padawski, Fr. Joe Codori,

Fr. Jerome Paulk

Standing: Dorothy Codori, Gregory Codori and Joe Codori Sr.


McMillan family of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

back row: Gordon the father and Ian

Michele the mom and seated Cameron

Michele is the G G Granddaughter of Catherine Cordary/Codori


The Hansen Family from about 1993:

Carol Codori, Gordon Hansen, Adrew Hansen and big brother Alex Hansen

Robert Codori Family about 1975

Robert Arthur Codori with wife Anita and son Brian.

Robert Aloysius Family 1981

Robert Arthur Codori, Robert A. Codori, Carol Codori and Vida Codori.

Robert Aloysius Family from the mid 70s

back to front:

Vida Codori, Robert A. Codori, Robert Arthur Codori and Carol Codori.


Sisters L to R: Kathleen, Cynthia and Kristine.

daughters of Al and Joanne Griest.

leo B. Codori Sr.'s family

1) Leo B. Sr. 2) Wife Agnes Codori

6) Dorothy 5) Bernadine 3) Leo B. Jr. 4) Frances 7) Eugene

About 1920 ?

leo B. Codori Sr.'s family

1) Leo B. Codori Sr. 3) Leo B. Jr. 2) Wife Agnes

5) Bernadine 7) Eugene 6) Dorothy 4) Frances

About 1920 ? 

Joseph B. Codori family.

Parents Joseph B. Codori wife Dorothy W.

and children L to R Sandra, Gregory and Joseph B. Jr.


Three daughters of Stella Lydia Codori.

L to R: Columbia "Dutch" Brandenburg Pigott, Estella Hagan Breeden and Audrey Hagan Puglisi.

Photo taken 1979 or 80. 

Breeden sister. These four young ladies are the  grand daughters of Stella Lydia Codori.

L to R top row: Sandra Breeden Burke and Dolores Breeden Fantin.

Bottom row: Janice Breeden Howard and Beverly Breeden Naminski.


L to R: Misty Codori Angell, Charlie Simmons, Heaven Angell, Joni Arlene Johnson and Atlantis Angell.

Misty is the daughter of Dennis Richard Codori. 

Tulio Family.

L to R: Louis, Alec, Alison and Isabella.



Greg Codori family of Antioch, Calif.

Greg and Cylen (the mom and dad) with older brother

Christopher and Aidyn.


L to R: Jim Codori, Mike Codori, and Rick Codori.

The three brothers are all from Gettysburg and Terri is from Pittsburgh, PA.

Taken at the 2004 Codori family dinner at the Gettysburg Hotel.


The Darrington Family Danya, Dulce, Jim and Janet Darrington

on the wedding day of Dulce 8/27/2004.

Janet is the Great Grand daughter of Susanne M. Codori born Gettysburg 1833.


Tom and Jean Codori of York, PA.


From L to R: Heather Kreiling, Emma (Just turned 100),

Cherie Lynn Kreiling and Joshua Kreiling.

Cherie's husband is the 3rd great grand son of

Susanne M. Codori (born 1833).


Codori's of Pittburgh, Pa.

 L. to R. Joseph Bernard Codori Sr., Laura Codori with her father David Michael Codori and seated is Joseph and David mother and Laura's Grandmother. Dorothea Veronica (Kimm) Codori,

now age 90 

Jeff Edmonds, Cindy (Codori) Edmonds and Michael Edmonds.

Wedding day photo 09/23/1995.

William A. (Bill) and Donna Cole and family.


From left  Lori (Cole) Martin, Diana (Cole) Hilton, Donna Cole,

Bill Cole, Judy (Cole) Alder, and Jennifer (Cole) Statuto.


The Chrismer family of Bell Air, Maryland.

Jim, Lisa, Carolyn and Ellen.

Dec. 2002

Humanic Family of Titusville, PA.

L to R: Christy (Codori) Humanic, Jackson James Humanic, Ken Humanic and Malissa Marie Humanic.

The family own and operate a business in Titusville, PA. click on the link below to view.  

 The Family of Judith Ann (Cole) Alder.

Daughter Megan Elizabeth, husband William Robert and Judith Ann.

Dec. 24 2003.


Cynthia (Codori) Scribner now living in Panama City Beach, Florida.

L to R:  Denise Lynn Sexton, Cynthia Joan (Codori) Scribner (the mom), Justin Ryan Boop (son of Denise) and Candace Marie Sexton.


Gregory Codori and family of Antioch, Calif


Laurence Codori of Maryland and family 10/23/1999.

Top row L to R: Michelle, Nancy, Laurence, Ann Marie and Margaret

Front row: Cecilia Bucci (maternal grandmother), Jeanne Marie (the bride) and Helen Codori, (the mom)


San Francisco Codori's mid 1950s

Top row L to R: Charlene, Pearl Francis and John Jay.

Front row: Elizabeth Gail and Bill.   

Cole family 1950

Bobby Jo (Mini) Codori and her family form New Hampshire.

To see who is who click here to go to Mini's page. 

Cole Kids without Mom and Dad 1950


The family of Michael David Codori of Pittsburgh.

L to R: Sarah, Mike and Laura.