The Codori Family

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Nick's Art Work

And now for some of Grandfather Nicholas Codori's art work. My grandfather was a sign painter in both Gettysburg, Pa. and San Bernardino, California. The book he used (below) to sketch his work has been handed down first to my father, who got it after his fathers' death in 1938 till his death in 1973. I still remember spending hours looking through the book as a kid and was fascinated by the sketches in the book.

After my fathers' death in 1973 my sister, Charlene (Codori) Thomas, was the new lucky owner of the book. Two years ago Charlene thought it was time for the book to be passed on to me. I hope to be able to do the same and pass it on to one of my sons and he will in turn do the same.

The book was started in the 1880's but now thanks to the net it can be viewed (in part) by the world. Let me know what you think of the book.