The Codori Family

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Codori Signs

This page is only for items with the Codori name.

From Francesco Codori of Italy.



Richard "Bud" Codori and his Pennsylvania Ramblers.


Christopher Jay Codori, No 10 in Antioch, Calif. 3/2008






Jeff Codori of San Francisco, Calif.

From the Gettysburg Compiler 7/5/1898.

44 York St. Gettysburg, PA.

For Robert A. Codori

1941 - 1983

44 York St.

Gettysburg Times 1961

From the Gettysburg Times 10/10/1970



An EBay item


Gettysburg Times 1961

990 Emmitsburg Rd. Gettysburg, PA.

no address needed.

From the Gettysburg/Hanover directory 2004-2005



Business card Jeffery M. Codori of San Francisco


Business card Jeffery M. Codori of San Francisco



From a publication of the Catholic Historical Society ...No.3, Sept. 1916

From the streets of Gettysburg.